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The Bible Series- The Resurrection

How appropriate was The Bible on The History Channel last night for Easter? 

Not only did it focus on the crucifixion, which I found absolutely gripping, but the resurrection was perfect for Easter night. 

However, despite the awesomeness of the episode last night, the greatest thing of the entire series, I believe, was the focus on the ministry that was started after the death of Jesus. To include Paul was unique and brilliant. Personally, I have never seen any film or show focusing on Paul, usually ending only after Jesus’ resurrection. To see the disciples, as well as Paul, in the episode brought the life of Jesus AFTER his death to life for the viewers. 

Those who don’t know very much about the Bible are introduced to how the Bible came to be. Watching Paul write his letters was crucial in ending the episode because it not only shows the impact of Jesus through the transformation of Paul, but it allows those who have never picked up the Bible to understand that it is filled with Paul’s letters. Both the intimidation of picking up the Bible for the first time and the confusion of where the verses came from are cleared up for the audience. 

What did you think about last night’s episode?